Life has come a long way… from last minute cramming before the exams to counting the digits on the salary slip. Adulthood arrived before we even heard it knocking. Some have just about found their footing. Others are still maneuvering the choppy waters of growing up. We have all followed different paths and chosen distinct goals for ourselves… but take a moment now… and retrace your steps… go back in the memory lane to relive those happy yesteryears… go all the way back to when you became a person… a thinking, feeling person.


Do you remember when you made friends for the first time? Those kindergarten days with snotty noses and oversized uniforms… the A. B. C. D’s and the’s.

Do you remember the names of all the kids with whom you shared a classroom? Do you remember the Popy umbrellas and the raincoats?

Go into your memories. Do you see the kid that you were? The one frustrated with the multiplication tables? Or the names of all those freedom fighters and their marches and the dates?

Do you remember the first story or poem you wrote? Those words born out of your own mind?

Can you picture the ink smeared pages of your old notebooks? Do you still have your first fountain pen?

Can you feel the nervousness of that little kid about to show his marked answer sheet to his parents?

Do you remember the lyrics of that song that junior kid with the angelic voice used to sing during Arts day competitions? Can you hear the fiery voice of the senior girl who won debate competitions?

Can you picture the smiling face of that teacher who always encouraged you to pursue your goals?


If you can, we ask you this…

Pick up a pen and write about it.

Fish out your art supplies and draw it.

Search for those old pictures.

Open your old journals & diaries and type up that poem.

Even if you can’t, there are things you can share with the kids that walk those corridors today that may help them get a better perspective of the future they are dreaming of.

Let us put all these treasures in one place… and share the happiness it provides us with our AV’ian friends.