By Yeswanth S Nambiar

“Not all love stories end in marriage, some continue as beautiful friendships”. It’s a quote about failure, but isn’t it beautiful. This is the thing I love about words, no matter what the situation it is, there is always a way to write about it in a different way. But when I come to think of it, it isn’t just with the words, there is always a way to look at everything in a different angle in real life. So here is my “love story” through my own eyes.



Years & us passed by,

yet we never met, until we met.

Yet I never saw u, until I did.

And now that I met you,

All I want is to meet you again.

And now that I saw you

All I see is u all around.

Though it’s been half a decade, Since we first met.

Though I have met a lot, In those years

Though we hardly meet, In these days.

Still like yesterday, I remember the girl.

Who glides around like a butterfly,

The kitty with the pony tail.

Who could win a duel with the cuckoo,

Yet modest as the morning sun.

Who is notable even in a crowd,

With her magical cloak.

Who makes me skip a beat,

With her enchanted smile.

Who I wish I had forever,

But I’ll never get to hold.

Who I followed, the foggy expectations

Howbeit the reality was crystal clear

“I suppose there will always be a girl in every boy’s life who could make his heart skip a beat but never get to hold her hand. Not all boys though, some bloody lucky fellows do get to hold & I was never that lucky I guess!!!

There was such a girl in my life too that I followed through the corridors of my school.”




Followed her through the corridors,

Like a pappus in the wind

Always been by your side

Followed the breeze, yet unnoticed

In your absence laid low on the loam

Waiting for the wind to blow anew

Followed the gusty winds walk

The pappus dared even his fears

For his freshly found fancy

Pappus persisted to pursue the purpose

“When your crush is one of the most popular students in school & you are a dork who others barely knew, then the chances of dating her or even getting to know her was absolutely flat. But it never stopped me from trying or even following her, of course it was easy as I was invisible to her eyes.”




The fascinated pappus flew like a falcon

Followed the breeze in the firmament

Furious falcon pursuing the breeze

Even forgot the fact of his real entity

The falcon easily caught up with the breeze

As he flew with the flow of the breeze

Wished to advance the breeze even for once

For the desire of her attention even for once

The fascinated pappus flew like a falcon

For that there be a day when they meet

Even he hoped, all the more in failure

At least to meet her on his way down

“I have read that ‘love is blind’ but never thought it was this true. Love could make you do the things that you never imagined that you would do, even the things that you never cared seems to be of foremost importance. I actually did the things I never thought I could, even the things I feared, just for the hope of her attention.”




Assuredly the assiduous effort flowers at last

The breeze notices the passing spirited falcon

Took him for a fellow passer-by on the way

Yet she never knew the pappus that persuaded her

Even she admired the falcon that races the wind

Yet she will never know, he flew coz for her

For him she was the will of his life

Yet she will never know, he flew coz of her

All he ever wanted was her attention

Which he does, at least as a falcon

“The funny thing was that, by trying to impress her I actually became good at those things I did. She noticed me, acknowledged me but she never knew that she changed my life for the better, that she was the reason for whom I had become.”




There bloomed a new friendship

There was a new tide of life

I wish I could stay by your side

Forever if I could do stay

 I did whenever I could do stay

Life seemed so going well

Coz only you were in my sight

I wished the days don’t pass

I wish the moments don’t end

Forever if it would

“And we became friends but I never got to spend a lot of time with her, just few moments, of which mostly I was dumbstruck coz the moment I had eye contact with her, my mind goes blank.  Anyway I still remember all those minutes and even sec’s just like yesterday.”




God you were cruel to me, that u made me meet her

And you never let me have her nor to be with her

Yet I’ll thank you for the gifted moments with her

And I’ll remember those till ma heart forgets the beats

Today nor tomorrow will pass without her thoughts

Her face has always been & will light my way forth

Regret still haunts me for what I didn’t & love, what I did

I guess it was your will & will always prevails, My lord.

Well some things are meant to happen in our life. Am not sad for the things that didn’t happen, actually am thankful for the things that did happen. Maybe she was never meant to be my love but she sure was meant to be a lot more for me, a good friend, my inspiration to excel, heroine of my poems, pages of my diary & of course mostly all my passwords. So to my biggest crush ever, I dedicate this to you darling.

Qin Ai De Shengri Kuai Le


-your boyfriend, in my dreams

(All characters and events in this poem – even those based on real people – are entirely fictional)

About the Author

Yeswanth belongs to the 2012 12th Standard batch of Amrita Vidyalayam, Kuthuparamba. He is an MBBS graduate from Ningbo University, China. He pens down his thoughts at