Life is not all sunshine and roses.

So there was this couple; a little girl, 17 years old and a man may be in his mid-twenties. As the many other patients and their relatives, we were least bothered regarding what they were except for the patient and her condition. She was due to get resurgery done in a few days. They were indeed so happy to get the closure surgery since the previous one had its morbidities and they were suffering through the same for past three month or so. Throughout the illness probably he was taking care of her and he did a pretty good job too.

          It was the day before surgery and she tested positive for COVID19. May be it was a bit too much for him to take anymore. May be he was shattered.

          As was the protocol in our hospital, I got ready in the PPE kit, to shift her to the quarantine hospital, only to see her sobbing. When asked, she said that he was just a guy from her village in UP. Her parents were dead and she has just come with him to Delhi. Now, after knowing of her having corona, he left her and wouldn’t come back.

          17 years old, who has already been suffering for the past 3 months and currently diagnosed with another dreadful disease (Well it was very dreadful at that time , since it was just the beginning of COVID  times)and about to be shifted to a new , unknown facility all alone, with the only person she was with abandoning her……………

            May be not everyone around us are so lucky enough.

About the Author

SAJAY RAJ K belongs to the 12th standard batch of 2011. He is a doctor and is currently doing PG in GENERAL SURGERY at NEW DELHI.