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How to make a submission?

Thank you for visiting Pinvazhikal – An Amrita Alumni Blog.

If you would like to make a submission to the blog, please send an email to in the following format.

About you :

“ (Your full name) belongs to the (year i.e., 2010) (class i.e., 12th Standard) batch of Amrita Vidyalayam, Kuthuparamba. He/she is currently (working/studying) at (college/company) and resides in (city). “


“His/her hobby/passion is ____. You can connect with him/her at (social media/blog).”

Your Picture (Optional) : to be posted along with your submission, to jog the memory of the readers if they don’t recognize you from your name.

Your submission :

  • Please mention a Title/Caption for your submission.
  • Please mention the category of your submission, i.e.  Perspectives/Anecdotes/Stories & Poems/Travelogues/Tips & Tricks/Art/Photography. If you’re not sure, leave it blank.
  • If it is Art, mention materials used plus a brief write up on it.
  • If it is a Photograph, mention location, camera used and a brief write up on it.
  • If it is an Essay/Thought/Article/Poem/Travelogue/Anecdote/Story/Tips & Tricks, place the content distinctly within your email or attach it as an MS Word document. If you want to add pictures in your writing, please attach the pictures and mention exactly at which paragraph break you want the picture inserted.

We will review your submission and publish it within 3 days.

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